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The Mission of the PMS Student Council:

  • To make the school better

  • Communicate ideas

  • Bridge between students and adults

  • Sustain School Spirit

  • Voice of the student body

  • Be Leaders and Role models for our peers

  • Be academically responsible - lead by example

    • Academic Eligibility?

  • Make school a more fun and enjoyable place to be

Portland Middle School Student Council members are the leaders of our student body. Student council members plan and organize activities such as service projects, school dances, the talent show, spirit week, and teacher appreciation week. Student Council members also work and manage the school store during select lunch times and athletic events. The members of the student council also have the distinct privilege of reading the daily announcements and leading the school in the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance.


  1. Council members are expected to be role models.

Student council members are elected by their peers and staff as decision makers, leaders, and voices for their classmates.  They are expected to be role models in their actions in and out of the classroom.  Student council members may be removed at any time for academic, attendance, or behavioral issues.

  1. Council members are expected to campaign in a respectful manner.

Student council members may campaign by talking to other students and creating posters, etc.  All campaign material must be tasteful and respectful of other candidates as well as approved by an advisor, faculty member or administrator and adhered to surfaces without damage upon removal.

  1. Council members are expected to attend all meetings and events.

This includes shifts for announcements, dances, microwaves, student store, and concessions. Meetings are usually monthly and are announced, placed on the Google Classroom, and on Google Calendar.   Worker shifts for announcements, microwaves, and student store are assigned and rotate evenly. Worker schedules for athletic concessions will be created during meetings and will consider other student activities (such as athletics, recitals and plays, etc).  Athletic concessions shifts will be assigned on a voluntary basis. For dances, all members are expected to help with set-up, cleanup, and one shift during the dance. In order to prepare for certain events, meetings might be scheduled after school.  Students are responsible for arranging all transportation, unless otherwise informed. All worker assignments are placed on the Google Calendar.

  1. Council members are responsible to handle absences within the guidelines.

  • If a member has a conflicting event, such as athletics, tutoring, or other activities, he/she is responsible for informing Mrs. Prater or Mrs. Fitzpatrick prior to their absence.

  • If a member is sick on a scheduled meeting date, they are excused from the meeting.  

  • If students will be missing and/or late to another event, he/she is responsible for informing the activity leader of the other event (teacher, coach, or tutor).  

  • If you are unable to attend an event that you signed up for then it is your responsibility to find a substitute, otherwise the absence is unexcused.

Members are allowed 1 unexcused absence.   An absence from any scheduled shift and/or event counts toward a member’s overall absences, this includes setting up and clean up for events.  Once a member has reached their second unexcused absence they may be dismissed from the council and unable to attend any special event such as parties or field trips.   

Email and Google Classroom is an acceptable mean of communication.

*Please take this time commitment in consideration when holding a seat on the council, but also understand that members will never be asked to miss an athletic game, recital, etc.