Portland Public Schools Offers Virtual School Options!

The first day of school next year will look a lot different to some Portland Public School students. There will be no bus ride, no classroom and no first day of school jitters. How can this be? The answer, Portland Virtual School (PVS). Portland Virtual School students can work from home, grandma’s house, a library or the local coffee shop; anyplace where they can get cellular access. They can focus on their studies where they want, when they want, working at their own pace, day or night.
Portland Virtual School is a part of Portland Adult and Community Education’s Alternative Education program.  The Portland Virtual School will open doors to an education for nontraditional students when the standard school structure is not feasible for them. Students may have a need for greater educational flexibility due to parental choices, homeschooling, health conditions, individual learning styles or a lack of success in traditional school environments. PVS is designed for students who are trying to hold down a job while taking alternative education classes; teen parents; students who need a credit recovery program; expelled students; those who are incarcerated; someone who is unable to attend school due to personal circumstances; members of a military family or other types of families that to relocate often; and/or those who do not feel challenged in a traditional school setting. Also, English as a Second Language (ESL) students can take classes on line in their home language.

First and foremost, each enrollment will be done with the utmost consideration for what is in the best interest of the student. Each student needs to be committed to spending the same amount of time on class work as they would in a traditional school setting. This is not necessarily an all-or-nothing approach to learning. Students have the options of enrolling in either traditional classes, PVS classes, or a blend of both. Prescriptive and targeted learning is available along with remedial and accelerated options. Core and elective courses not currently available on site are also available.

Eighth to twelfth grade students from Ionia County and its contiguous counties of Clinton, Montcalm, Kent, Barry, and Eaton can enroll. A laptop with secure internet access to classes is provided.

The Portland Virtual School is held accountable and funded by the State of Michigan just like any other public school. Classes must meet the requirements of the Common Core State Standards, the Next Generation Science Standards and the Michigan Merit Curriculum. PVS students are required to take the Michigan Merit Exam (MME) in order to graduate. As such, when a student completes their graduation requirements from the Portland Virtual School, they will receive the same Portland High School diploma as any other graduate. They are also invited to participate in our Portland Adult and Community Education (P.A.C.E.) graduation ceremonies alongside their peers.

Certified and qualified Portland Public School instructors teach each class. Students are also assigned a mentor who helps them stay on target via regular, personal contact. PVS students also may drop in to the Portland Adult and Community Education computer lab to personally meet with their teachers and mentors for additional help.

Look for Portland Virtual School on Facebook or visit the P.A.C.E. page on our district website at www.portlandk12.org for the latest information on this innovativ